Volunteer Information


Two Different Volunteer Opportunites:

  • Pre - Race Volunteer (5PM - 6:20PM)

  • Full Race Volunteer (5PM - Close)

Volunteers Receive the Following:

  • Pre - Race Volunteers receive 1 Raffle Ticket

  • Full Race Volunteers receive 1 Raffle Ticket, 1 Free Race Voucher (For Yourself or a Friend) and 25 Series Points (Equal to a First Place Finish). If you volunteer more than once you will receive additional free race vouchers and raffle tickets, but will not receive additional series points. If participating in 10 Race Jacket Club (see below) you will not receive free race voucher.

*Volunteers must be at least 16 years old (exceptions: 9 race pass holders who are younger)

10 Race Club Jacket Volunteers

Racers participating in the 10 Race Club Jacket program will receive 25 series points for volunteering however they will not receive a Free Race Voucher as they are receiving a Jacket instead. To receive the 10 Race Club Jacket racers must run in 9 races and volunteer at 1 race. In the event that a 10 Race Club Jacket participant fulfills these requirements and still volunteers at additional races, they will receive a Free Race Voucher and Raffle Ticket but no additional series points.

POINT SYSTEM EXPLAINED (You must participate in at least 6 Races to be considered for end of season awards. Participation is running in at least 6 races or running in at least 5 races and volunteering (5-close) at least once. Note if you run in all 12 races all your points will count)

Wednesday Races: 1st place=25 pts, 2nd place=20 pts, 3rd place=16 pts, 4th place=13 pts, 5th place=11 pts ,6th place=10 pts, 7th place=9 pts, 8th place=8 pts, 9th place=7 pts, 10th place on (rest of participants) = 6 pts. In other words, everyone who runs will receive at least 6 points for racing.

End of Season Awards will be given to the top 3 series point leaders in each age category at the end of the season as well as Overall Leaders in both the Short and Long Course. You must participate in at least 6 Wednesday Evening races to be considered for end of season awards. This creates the possibility of someone who has enough points to place in the top 3 in their category but does not qualify for end of season awards due to not having raced the minimum amount of races. In that case, the next qualifying participant on the points ladder will be considered for that award. Racers who place top 3 in an Overall Category (Long or Short) will not be considered for age category awards as they will be receiving awards for the respective Overall Category (Long or Short). This system favors the consistent racer. 

Note: Points are accrued separately for the Short and Long Course. So if you run some Short Course Races and some Long Course Races, you will have separate points for each. The points from your Short Course and Long Course races are not additive. So if you're interested in accruing the most points, race consistently in the same course (Short or Long). That being said you can race a combination of both Long and Short Course races to reach the 6 race threshold in order to be considered for awards ie. you just have to race 6 times to be considered for awards OR race 5 times and volunteer 1 time (5pm-close)