Supporting the Trails you Enjoy and Run On

The series every year donates monies to non-profits that support our trails. Will you help us make a bigger impact? We will have a collections jar at the last race on August 14th at Alta and at the Awards Ceremony (September date TBD). Please consider contributing yourself and asking friends, families and neighbors if they would like to contribute. All donations should be in the form of a check made out to the specific organization. In 2020 we will be implementing a “Runathon” where our participants will gather sponsors to contribute to these organizations for each race they run. If you want to do this in an informal fashion this year, by all means do it! You can reference this page to your potential sponsors.

Cottonwood Canyons Foundation (make checks payable to “Cottonwood Canyons Foundation”)

Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation (make checks payable to “Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation”)

Dimple Dell Preservation Community also see (note: website is not current)

make checks payable to “Dimple Dell Preservation Community)

Corner Canyon Trails Foundation make checks payable to “Corner Canyon Trails Foundation”

Continue Mission is a veterans support organization that you see at every race. They coordinate all types of fun outdoor activities for veterans. They always help us at every race. Their members race for free. It’s a great organization. Please consider donating to them!