Wigwam Trail Race at Brighton

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The WIGWAM Trail Race at Brighton will take place July 17th. This is our first time racing at Brighton. Should be fun. WIN a 9 Race Pass for the 2020 Season. 9 races for FREE! Post a photo of you wearing your Wigwam socks on instagram and or facebook. Tag @wasatchtrailrunseries, #wasatchtrailrunseries and @wigwamsocks, #wigwamsocks and run the race this Wednesday. Someone will win a 9 Race Pass for the 2020 season. You can also post on our Wigwam Thread on our facebook page

A shorter distance than other races but more elevation gain. The course goes past Twin Lakes Reservoir and Lake Mary.

Registration begins at 5 P.M. 
Race begins at 6:30 P.M. 
Raffle give away after the race finishes.

Remember we are cupless! Register now online and pick up a free hydration flask with your race entry.


Online Registration is Closed: You can register at the race tonight starting at 5pm.

Race Course

NOTE: The Garmin data data below shows 4.3 miles for the 1st lap. 2 other people ran with me the course and their Garmins stated 3.8 miles. So we will call the first lap 3.8 miles. The second lap (Long Course Only) does not include the first .7 miles of the first lap. Thus Short Course is about 3.8 miles with 1200 ft of elevation gain and the Long Course is about 7 miles with 2200 ft of elevation gain (

Update Sunday July 14th. Course is in Great Condition! Water Jugs at Start/Finish only. We added a 0.7 mile Shake Out Section to the course. There is a handful of very small/short snow piles that you’ll go thru. That’s it! We’ve changed the start/finish from Millicent to across the parking lot next to the Main Brighton Cafeteria building/next to Alpine Rose.

Start at Brighton Base/Cafeteria, climb road for short bit, right and back down behind Brighton Lodge/Motel. Follow service road over to Millicent base, up service road about a mile. Turn left onto Twin Lakes Single Track Trail, continue across and up to Lake Mary on a beautiful single track that dances thru a fortress of granite and trees. Take Lake Mary Trail down to Brighton Lodge to finish.
Long Course completes 2 laps however, on the 2nd lap, runners will not run on the first 0.7 miles shake out section depicted in the Garmin at the start of the first lap.

Short Course 3.8 miles 1200ft Elevation Gain

Long Course 7.0 miles 22000ft Elevation Gain





Brighton is located at the end of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Big Cottonwood Canyon begins at Fort Union Blvd and Wasatch Blvd. Continue up Big Cottonwood Canyon 14 miles to reach Brighton Resort. The course starts at the Main Brighton Lodge/Alpine Rose on the East side of of the parking lot. 8302 S Brighton Loop Rd, Brighton, UT 84121